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Doolie's African Salsa contains a unique signature blend of fresh ingredients including coconut, jalapeños and lemon. Try it alone or mixed with avocado as a dip. Marinate your meats, or use it as condiment with breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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Chips & Salsa


Enjoy Doolies Salsa as a dip with your favorite chips. Our unique blend of jalapeños, coconut and are a great addition to any party!



Simply mix Doolie's Salsa with a ripened Avocado and you have a quick and easy Guacamole , that will rival any dip you've ever tried!

More Than a Condiment


Marinate your meats, add Doolie's to your eggs before you cook them, add it to your pizza, hot dogs or burgers... there are so many variations to try!



"Delish and Whole 30 compliant! Great alone or mixed with avocado."



"Tried the guacamole and salsa at Sip & Slide today and it’s AMAZING! Will definitely be buying this!"



"Great flavor, good heat! I love the salsa! I'm excited to use this in all sorts of recipes!"

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